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Norton, a trusted brand name, has been around for many years as one of the most popular and assured companies in the market of computer security software used by a majority of people across the world. It is a computer security solution company which deals in products like Data Protection, Database Security, Endpoint Protection, Security Management, Security Information, and Event Management, Network Security and Compliance, Email and Web security risk, and Security as a service One of the chief features of Norton. Basically, the Norton programs run in the background keeping an eye out for all suspicious activities or threats to your system, without any requirement of your interaction. Norton Antivirus programs stop your device from downloading shady stuff and clicking on spam emails to keep your device healthy and protected. Also, Norton alerts you about malicious websites trying to theft your data.

Norton Security Deluxe – Antivirus Software by Symantec, offers a robust protection for a maximum of five devices; these devices could be running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. People who don’t just want to secure various devices, but also looking forward to protecting an array of Windows tools, should definitely go to for getting the best of Norton Security.

Norton Product Activation Key

The Norton Setup Product Key is the 25 characters alpha-numeric license key code. This is known to be the most essential and required when activating Norton because this allows the users to set up the Norton Antivirus on their device finally. Get started with Norton Setup by going to   

Redeem the Norton Product Key

Apart from the activation process, the Norton Setup Product Key is something that enables the users to be able to download their Norton products or subscriptions to the device directly; however, it is ways better than inserting the Norton Setup offline CD pack to the CD or DVD drive on the system and then set up it. Thus, a Norton setup, downloaded by using the product key, is believed to have the upgraded and latest versions of Norton Antivirus.

Note: Before you begin with the further Activation process of Norton, you need to make sure that you redeem or locate the 25 characters alpha-numeric Norton Setup Product Key code to smoother the entire procedure. Hence, you will be provided the Norton Setup product key in one of the two forms that are listed below:

  • First, Online: in the form of order confirmation email sent to your E-mail address after you make the payment for you’re the Norton antivirus product you have bought.
  • Second, Offline: in text (written) form which is either printed on the inner circles of your Norton Setup CD package or provided by the retailer to you.

Norton for Windows

Norton Security for Windows operating system doesn’t only offer protection to the device but also adds other features to them. It improves the speed of the Windows computer with the help of startup manager. It generates extra space and wipes out the junk using the file cleanup and disk optimizer. The UI is somewhat decent and easy to navigate. Each and every tools and feature can be navigated quickly. And the device's security status can also be seen in less than no time. An easy-to-understand list of history is also present in the program that includes previous installations, past malware detections, scanning times, PC cleanup details, and many more.

Norton for Mac

Norton Security for Mac offers some new and different options for scanning. You can select to automatic or switch to the always-on protection and never think about it again. Also, you can choose the scheduled scanning for appropriate times of day for according to will. It's the idle scanning feature that's considered as most useful though; it directly works when you need it to.

Moreover, the Norton Security for Mac contains the two Safari plug-ins. The Safe Web helps you stay away from visiting rogue websites, while Identity Safe is a straightforward password management tool. Neither they are expansive as most of the antivirus facilities, nor they are difficult to use. Thus, they are a useful way of resolving the general or big issues at the source, yet they do their job commendably.

Norton for Android

Norton manufactures some of the leading Android applications that give an excellent set of security, such as theft protection, anti-virus, protection against phishing, secure backup, and an App Advisor which tends to examine the downloaded applications for fixing the possible bugs. Icons represent a section; go to any icon to apply it or acquire more information regarding it.

The App Advisor is a handy tool that examines almost all applications, and searches for being able to solve the possible problems, for instance, if they are spam or will probably hack and attack the device. Tapping on the name of any application will display the added details, like "personal collections of account details." In that window, one can easily remove the application or direct the Norton Antivirus program about the reliability of the application.

Norton for iOS

Norton Security keeps your iOS-based devices protected by making Norton Mobile Security available to you. Norton Mobile Security offers an active and robust security program for iOS devices against data cyber attack, virus, theft and loss. A remotely locate tool has been added to it that helps users in finding their lost devices. Its user interface is also appreciable; it can easily be used to access all the tools. Norton Mobile Security delivers a beneficial, powerful protection for your iPhones and iPads against theft and loss. And the iOS devices on which Norton Antivirus software can be installed are iPhone and iPad (iOS® 8 or later).

Note: If you need trustable Antivirus protection for any of the devices as mentioned above, always go to for setting up Norton Antivirus on your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

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